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1 May, 2007

Superman banging Supergirl`s tight pussy!

Superman and Supergirl seem to have some trouble fighting it! Ever notice how Supes is always saying %u201CGreat Scott!%u201D? Looks like the guy actually exists! Why is he appearing in front of our heroes? He%u2019s giving Superman a wish! What would you wish for? I think Superman made the same wish: to fuck Supergirl%u2019s tight pussy! She%u2019s using super speed and super suction to make him cum! Superman%u2019s super speed thrusting and super hard pounding will make her cum many times! You%u2019ll think his super cock will have strength to fuck Wonder Woman after this?

1 May, 2007

Blonde hooker goes from sucking cocks to saving the world!

This is an awesome, and dirty, super hero story! What would happen when a street hooker goes from giving blowjobs in the alley to becoming part of a super hero team bent on saving the world? You’ve gotta see this to believe it! That’s right, a blonde hooker wakes up one day with super powers and gets invited to join a unique team of super hero spinoffs called the League of Honor! When she urinates on a fallen villain in front of the U.N. on her first mission, you know this is going to be good stuff!

1 May, 2007

Amazing erotic sketches of our favorite super heroines!

The guys have done it again, bringing us some awesome erotic sketches of our favorite heroines! The girls look so hot with their balloon tots as they make out with each other! The heroes have fun getting to undress and fuck the heroines they had been fantasizing about for so long! It was fantastic getting to see girls like Storm, Witchblade and others like never before! I could hardly hold my erection inside my pants!

1 May, 2007

It`s a Latex Orgy at the Latex Men Mansion!

Take a look at the latest issue of the Latex Men! They are so fucking hot! Mutant porn fucking rules, bitch! I want to see all my favorite mutant girls getting naked and stuffed with cock! Storm is so fucking hot with her black latex uniform wrapped skintight around her tight body! She loves sucking Professor’s X old wrinkled cock and balls. The Evil Mutants are spying on them and getting turned on too! This is going to be a Latex Orgy in the X Mansion, and everybody’s cocks and pussies are invited!

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1 May, 2007

Terror fucks Maxfire`s bride at the wedding night!

Captain Maxfire and Harmonics are on their wedding night, ready to get in bed and fuck like wild animals! Captain Maxfire brought all his porn, sex toys, baby oil, handcuffs and a bottle of Viagra, to make sure he can fuck this hot slut all night long! But Terror has other plans! He%u2019s making her suck his horrible green mutant cock, while the Captain has to watch! He%u2019s going to fuck her ass in front of him! Is Maxfire going to defend his bride or is he actually getting turned on watching her get fucked?

1 May, 2007

The sexiest super girls show us their tits and pussies!

This is so fucking hot; you are probably going to end up jerking off to these pics, just like I did! I love watching Wonder Woman’s pussy getting boned while her beautiful mouth gets stuffed with hard cock! She’s not the only super babe getting banged here, there are many other hotties showing us their hot tits and wet pussies! I wanna cum all over them! So, if you want to see your favorite super heroines showing you their pussies and tits, come and over and check it out!

1 May, 2007

Super heroes and toons mix it up!

Check it out! Our favorite super heroes and toons are getting together for a mixed pictorial! This shit is fucking hot! The girl’s pussies are dripping wet and the guy’s cocks are harder than ever, as they get the chance to fuck hotties like Catwoman, Supergirl and Kim Possible! There’s even some gay fun when Ron decides to fuck Fred Flintstone’s ass! You have to take a look at this stuff!

1 May, 2007

Batgirl fucks Batman while he`s tied up to a pole!

It%u2019s a night of surprises in Gotham City! Batman is out to catch Harley Quinn, but he ends up being the one getting caught! Harley has some %u201Cspecial%u201D plans for our Dark Knight! Having Batman tied up, she strips for him and sucks on his bat cock! She%u2019s practically making him to have sex with her! When Batgirl arrives to save him, there is going to be a lot of explaining to do! Batgirl is turned on seeing Bats all tied up and with a hard on, and decides to finish of Harley%u2019s work!

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