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30 Apr, 2007

Superman, Superwoman and Lois Lane have a threesome

Superman is on the rooftop with his cock buried deep in the throat of sexy blonde babe Superwoman. Little does her know that his girlfriend Lois Lane is hiding on the roof and watching him cheat on her. Most women would be mad but Lois is a horny girl and all she wants is to share some of the love that Superman is giving away so freely to his female counterpart. Both ladies get naked and the super stud whips out his dick and fucks as much pussy as he can. Superwoman gets a cum shower and Lois licks it off.

26 Apr, 2007

Batman and Catwoman are being watched

When the city is crime free Batman and Catwoman sometimes meet for elicit sexual encounters. They've always been attracted to each other and it seems logical they should fuck. Today they've met in a secluded part of the park but they can't escape Joker and Harley. They're watching from behind a tree and right when the two black clad heroes are about to climax they step in. Harley begins sucking Batman's cock and Joker strips Catwoman naked and stuffs his cock in her pussy. It feels so warm and tight in there he can't believe it.

23 Apr, 2007

Catwoman has a split personality

Catwoman doesn't know who she wants to fuck. One moment her mouth is filled with Batman's dick and she feels like she's in heaven. The next she's on her knees in front of the Joker and she's sucking him off. Which one is better for her? Which one is the better lover? She just can't decide and her pussy is no help. In this comic she lets both guys fuck her and they both do a great job of pleasuring her sweet hole. All it wants is more cock. I guess she'll have to keep fucking both of them; I'm sure they wouldn't mind sharing.

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19 Apr, 2007

Catwoman dominates the Penguin

Poor Penguin had no idea what he was getting into when Catwoman said she wanted to play. He though that he'd get to do whatever he wanted with her, but as soon as he arrived with his cock already rock hard she put him in a collar and told him to kneel. He's not going to disobey a beautiful woman like that so he did exactly as she commanded. His reward was a huge red dildo up his ass and a lovely facesitting from the cat babe. Finally she allowed him to fuck her pussy, although she kept his cock tied off so he couldn't cum.

12 Apr, 2007

Harley and Joker rob a sex shop

The Joker had a grand plan to rob a sex shop. They could steal all the toys, grab the money from the safe and have a little fun while they were there. No one would get hurt and they'd come out of the deal richer. While in the shop they tested out a bunch of dildos in Harley's pussy and a few penis pleasure devices on the Joker. The cock pump got his dick even bigger than it normally is. Right as they were about to leave Batman and Superman showed up and ruined all the fun. They ended up double teaming Harley.

9 Apr, 2007

Catwoman fucks the Green Lantern

Catwoman has the hots for all superheroes, male or female. In today's comic she spots the Green Lantern jerking off on the roof of a high rise building and figures that she'll surprise him. He's surprised all right, when she lands on top and when she takes his cock in her mouth. He figured he'd just bust a nut and go on his way. He didn't count on having a beautiful latex clad superheroine to suck his manhood. She sucks him, he fucks her, he cums all over her tits, he eats her pussy and then she eats his asshole. By that point he has enough energy to fuck her again.

5 Apr, 2007

Superheroes doing poses from the Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is a wonderful book full of amazing sexual ideas for those of you that are suffering through bad sexual periods in your relationships. Even superheroes do stuff out of the Kama Sutra. Witness some of your favorites here. Superman and Wonder Woman try a few poses that all involve her pussy getting deeply penetrated. Joker and Harley try a crazy sixty nine that has her floating in the air. Mr. Incredible and his wife do a few and then he bones Catwoman too. See, the Kama Sutra is great.

2 Apr, 2007

Superman bangs Wonder Woman in all her holes!

Lois Lane kicked Clark out of bed again! These guys just can’t get along. You think Clark won’t be getting any pussy tonight? No way! He just goes down to the phone booth, turns into Superman and flies higher than a plane and faster than a speeding bullet all the way to Wonder Woman’s loft! The sexy Amazon slut is waiting for him totally naked! “Yes, Superman, tie me up with my lasso of truth so I can confess how much I love your steel hard cock!” She really knows how to dirty talk our hero! His balls get harder than kryptonite and he fucks her in every hole available!

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