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29 Mar, 2007

Captain America fucks Wonder Woman

Captain American is lurking outside Wonder Woman's bedroom. She's inside thinking about how a good man to fuck her pussy is all she needs and he's outside thinking he'd love to fuck her but he's just not brave enough to burst in and take her. After she starts fucking her pussy with a large dildo he can't take it any more. When the door bursts open and he comes through she has a bright smile on her face. Now that he has the motivation he takes it way beyond simple fucking. He ties up this beautiful babe and starts whipping her; she's a naughty girl and she likes it.

26 Mar, 2007

Lois Lane and Lala Lung having a lesbian affair

Lois Lane promised Superman that she'd never cheat on him with another man, but she never said anything about another woman. That's why you can find her getting busty with Lala Lung in this hot picture gallery. The two of them have a huge dildo they like to share and it finds its way into Lois' pussy first. At that very moment Superman shows up outside the window and strokes his dick while peeping on the ladies. He doesn't mind that she's cheating on him; watching them eat each other out is the hottest thing he's ever seen.

22 Mar, 2007

Hungry Huntress and horny Batman meet for hot sex

Huntress is dressed like a minx. Her purple latex boots are thigh high and lead the way to her pussy, which is covered by a thin layer of spandex. It's no wonder Batman can't resist her in this sexy hardcore comic. The two meet on a rooftop during the dead of night and he whips out his cock so her soft, warm mouth can suck it. She gives great head and soon he wants to fuck her pussy, to fill her up until bursts. After he's done fucking her he spews a huge load of cum all over her belly, ending the night on a high note.

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19 Mar, 2007

Gotham girls doing a sexy striptease

Ivy, Catwoman and Harley are on the burlesque stage and they're all naked except for a few pairs of gloves and naughty boots. Harley is the finest stripper; she really knows how to move her body and when she spreads her legs and shows off her hot hole it will drive you wild. All three babes have amazing bodies with big perky tits, tight asses and slim tummies. I don't know which one I like best, but if I had to choose I'd go with Catwoman. I really like the black boots and hood; it makes her seem naughtier.

15 Mar, 2007

Peter Parker takes photos of himself for the daily news

Peter Parker has long taken pictures of himself as Spiderman for the newspaper. Now he's taking it to a new leveling his desire to show off what a hunk Spiderman is. It's nice that he saves the world all the time and that people seem to like him, but what he really wants is some pussy. He wants women to throw themselves at him. If they see his muscular chest, his buff arms and his huge cock then surely they'll come running. This picture gallery would convince any lady that Spiderman is a good sexual bet.

12 Mar, 2007

Captain America gets a sexy visit from the Totally Spice Girls!

Captain America gets all the respect in the world, but does he get any pussy? Hardly! So much crime fighting and defending the flag and at the end of the day, poor Cap has to stay home, masturbating to Totally Spice reruns! Yeah, he has a fantasy for these hot girls! So we decided to bring them over to his place, so he could have some fucking fun! Fuck them on top of your shield, Cap!  Cap is so happy, look at his cock! Now he has 3 hot babes to fuck all night long! He invites them to stay over and watch the reruns with him while they have an orgy!

8 Mar, 2007

Green Goblin fucks beautiful blonde Gwen

The Green Goblin has Gwen in his lair and although she should be scared she's actually quite calm. That's because she knows that the Goblin just wants to fuck her pussy and she's a big slut so she's always willing to enjoy a hot fuck. His big green dick gets really hard when he sees her big round tits and even harder when her hand wraps around it and begins stroking him. The best part of the picture gallery is when his cock enters her pussy and it's pretty nice when he cums in her mouth as well.

5 Mar, 2007

Superman has group sex with the Gotham girls

It's a wonderful day in a green Gotham park and the ladies of the city are playing naughty in the park. Superman is flying overhead and when he sees all that going down his dick pulls him towards them like a magnet. The ladies have heard about his huge cock and they want to see if the rumors are true. When he pulls down his tights and it pops out all the girls gasp in pleasure. They know that huge schlong is going to be in their pussies and they practically get into a cat fight over who gets to fuck him first. In the end they all have their fun.

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