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1 Mar, 2007

Spider Man bangs Gwen's pussy when Mary Jane is away!

If Spider Man can have two identities, why can’t he have 2 chicks? That’s right, when Spidey gets tired of Mary Jane’s redhead pussy, he swing his way through have of New York all the way to Gwen’s pad, where the sexy blonde slut is waiting for him! “Don’t take off the mask, baby, just the cock! It makes my pussy wet!” Gwen is one hell of a kinky bitch, and Spider Man likes that! Fucking her sweet pussy makes his spider sense tingle like crazy! After drenching her hot body in cum, he swings back to MJ’s for more sex action!

19 Feb, 2007

Superheroes having fun in the BDSM castle

For superheroes and villains that love bondage, pain and hardcore sex the BDSM castle is a fun place to take a vacation. It should come as no surprise that the Joker and Harley are frequent visitors and they're making another stop in this hot comic. Catwoman, Superwoman, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash are all there. When you have so many horny and powerful people in one place you're bound to see a bunch of hardcore fucking and that's exactly what happens.

15 Feb, 2007

Check out the amazing Gotham City Circus freak show!

The Circus is coming to Gotham City! We should all go and get first line tickets for this! It looks like the villains in Gotham have put quite a show together! I love Ivy’s acrobatic act, juggling all those dildos and did you know Joker can juggle rings with his cock? Why do these guys spend time doing crime, they would make a big success with this freaky sex circus! I bet Batman and Robin are somewhere in the crowd jerking off! Don’t leave until the main act, an amazing double penetration, where Ivy takes on two huge cocks, one in the mouth and one in the pussy!

12 Feb, 2007

Green Lantern makes his cock grow to fuck Wonder Woman!

Green Lantern has this amazing ring that lets him do all sorts of stuff with it… except make his fucking cock grow bigger! How are you going to satisfy Wonder Woman with that little dick of yours, man? That’s why she spends so much time with Superman! He has a super cock! Green Lantern wants to know what it’s like to fuck the tight pussy and asshole of the luscious Amazon warrior and devices a formula to make his cock HUGE! Fucking amazing, sell us the formula! Now Wonder Woman really wants him! “Fuck me with your hard green lantern! All the way up my wonder asshole!”

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