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15 Dec, 2012

Controller uses his big dick to control Dream Girl

Controller uses his big dick to control the sexual will of the beautiful Dream Girl! She is all tied up and ready to have kinky bondage sex with the bad guy! He presses her body and her big tits against the wall and spreads her legs, fingering her tight asshole as he rams his huge dick up her soaking wet pussy! He bends her over and continues with her asshole, drilling it hard as Dream Girl wriggles her juicy bubble butt in response. After banging her wet holes, the sexy blonde finishes her man off with an awesome blowjob!

7 Dec, 2015

Raven and Robin having kinky sex while the Teen Titans are out!

Starfire is out on a mission with the rest of the Teen Titans, but they do not know they have been sent on a red herring by Robin, so he can stay alone with Raven and fuck her brains out! He puts her down on all fours and fucks her from behind, but Raven also enjoys riding on top like a cowgirl! She sucks his dick and Robin puts her in a pile driver hold so he can eat out her snatch while she gives him head! Totally turned on, Robin showers Raven with cum, soaking her ass and pussy as she masturbates herself to an orgasm! They better clean up before the rest of the team comes back!

1 May, 2007

Hawkgirl teaches Wonder Woman how to eat pussy!

Wonder Woman was taking a stroll in the Hall of Justice when she walks into Hawkgirl giving Green Lantern a hot blowjob! Seeing this must have got her very turned on, look how she masturbates in the shower! Now Hawkgirl walks in on her, and it turns into a hot lesbian sex romp! Hawkgirl will teach her ancient sex secrets, such as the 69! Wonder Woman comes from an island full of lesbians and she didn’t know how to do a 69? This bitch’s got a lot of catching up to do, she better start fucking the rest of the team real fast!

22 Mar, 2008

We uncover Wonder Woman's sexual affair with Captain America!

We’ve seen Wonder Woman bounce between Batman and Superman’s cocks, and we wanted to know who her favorite fuck was, so we hired a detective to follow her and get us some juicy pictures! Imagine our surprise when we saw them! It wasn’t either of them, but Captain America! She crossed over to the competition to get some cock! His dick must have stars and stripes or something for the Amazon Princess to bounce on top of it like that! Captain gets a load of Amazon pussy juice and she gets the best American Cum!

1 May, 2007

Batgirl fucks Batman while he`s tied up to a pole!

It%u2019s a night of surprises in Gotham City! Batman is out to catch Harley Quinn, but he ends up being the one getting caught! Harley has some %u201Cspecial%u201D plans for our Dark Knight! Having Batman tied up, she strips for him and sucks on his bat cock! She%u2019s practically making him to have sex with her! When Batgirl arrives to save him, there is going to be a lot of explaining to do! Batgirl is turned on seeing Bats all tied up and with a hard on, and decides to finish of Harley%u2019s work!

19 Apr, 2008

Batman fucks Poison Ivy in all positions

Poison Ivy had come up with one of her best plans to become the crime lord of Gotham City! She created a device to help her magnify her powers, covering almost all of Gotham in vegetation! But Batman found a way to spoil her plans, using his intelligence and the Bat cave’s crime lab, he came up with an antidote. Ivy is defeated and caught, yet Batman is aware that her plan never hurt and civilians, so he grants her one wish before jailing her! What do you think Ivy wishes for? She wants to know what it feels like to suck on Batman’s cock and get fucked by the caped crusader! Batman just can’t say no!

9 Feb, 2008

Zatanna loves to solve Riddler's riddle, and suck his cock!

Zatanna loves the Riddler’s riddles, or is it his hard cock that she loves? The sexy babe exposes her stunning breasts and hard nipples while she releases Riddler’s cock from under his pants! She wants to have wild sex with him! She opens her legs for his cock and rides him like a cowgirl! She massages his cock between her creamy breasts until he cums all lover her face and nipples! “What’s warm and white and all over your face?” That Riddler is such a clever guy, that’s why he gets to nail hotties like Zatanna!

1 May, 2007

It`s a Latex Orgy at the Latex Men Mansion!

Take a look at the latest issue of the Latex Men! They are so fucking hot! Mutant porn fucking rules, bitch! I want to see all my favorite mutant girls getting naked and stuffed with cock! Storm is so fucking hot with her black latex uniform wrapped skintight around her tight body! She loves sucking Professor’s X old wrinkled cock and balls. The Evil Mutants are spying on them and getting turned on too! This is going to be a Latex Orgy in the X Mansion, and everybody’s cocks and pussies are invited!

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