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8 Dec, 2015

Raven and Harley fighting with dildos

The beautiful and the sexy Harley are locked in a mortal struggle over a dildo. Both girls want to use it and neither wants to give it up. What they don't realize, at least at first, is that it's a double ended dong and it can pleasure both of them at the same time. Eventually they give in to this realization and a beautiful lesbian scene blossoms. There's pussy eating to warm them up and then the girls each take one end of the dong and fuck themselves. It's pleasurable penetration for us and them.

4 Aug, 2015

Batgirl and Starfire have a hot catfight

Who would win in a fight between Batgirl and Starfire? I can't say for sure but the illustrator of this picture gallery has decided that Batgirl is the more powerful superhero. The girls fight roughly enough that their clothes are torn off and somewhere along the way the scrapping becomes lesbian love. Batgirl is the first to be penetrated when a purple dildo enters her pussy. Then she straps a huge black cock around her waist and fucks Starfire hard. That's why I assume that Batgirl won the fight.

15 Jun, 2012

Catfight turns into hot lesbian sex for Batgirl and Harley Quinn

Batgirl is on her way to pay Batman a kinky sexual visit, but it will not happen if Harley Quinn gets her way! She wants to have Batman all to herself and both girls engage in a fantastic catfight in which their outfits are ripped to shreds, leaving both girls totally naked and sweaty as they fight for the chance to get laid with the Dark Knight! Soon both girls discover they do not have to fight and they can have lots of kinky lesbian fun together!

10 May, 2012

Batgirl and Catwoman battle for Batman in a catfight

Batgirl and Catwoman are almost naked and holding on to huge jelly dildos as they engage each other in a wild catfight unlike any other ever seen in Gotham City! Both girls are into Batman but only one of them will get to keep him, the winner of this fight! Both girls are so skilled, agile and smart, it is hard to tell which one will come up with the victory but it is definitely worth watching to find out!

22 Feb, 2012

Kim Possible and Supergirl in a catfight!

Kim Possible discovers that Supergirl is trying to steal her boyfriend, Ron Stoppable and she is ready to teach her to mind her own territory! Supergirl is oddly overpowered by a very jealous Kim, who beats her and spanks her ass until it turns red! Supergirl eventually gets a second wind and the vicious, sexy lesbian catfight ensues. Who will win this terrifically kinky battle?

27 Jul, 2011

Mary Jane and Gwen fight over Peter Parker

Mary Jane and Gwen are tired of sharing Peter Parker, so they decide to have a catfight to see who gets him. The girls are totally naked except for their panties, hot pants and high heels, meeting in the middle of the ring and waiting for the bell to get it on! Their battle is a vicious and sensual mix of boxing, wrestling, grappling and lesbian love making; it looks like the girls are as aroused as they are angry! Their big tits get groped, their nipples twisted, their pussies licked and their tight asshole rimmed as the girls turn this naughty fight into a hot lesbian fuck!

20 Apr, 2011

Black Cat and Harley Quinn fight, fight, fight!

Fight, fight, fight! Harley Quinn and Black Cat are ready to resolve all their issues and grudges on the squared circle. Their big tits and wet pussies rub one against the other as the girls brawl on the ring, ripping off their clothes and pulling their hair in a wild, kinky catfight. Harley Quinn is clearly dominating, Black Cat may be a wild one, but Harley knows all the dirty tricks in the business that allows her to pin her enemy and claim the victory!

16 Feb, 2011

Wonder Woman and Supergirl in a super powered cat fight!

Yes, Wonder Woman and Supergirl are at it again, fighting each other over Superman and his big dick of steel. While Supergirl pulls her hair, Wonder Woman squeezes her big tits and twists her perky nipples. Supergirl takes the advantage and goes on top, bitch slapping Wonder Woman and spitting on her face while she rubs her wet pussy against hers. Wonder Woman feels her enemy licking her toes and soles; it makes her so fucking hot she cannot concentrate on the fight! Both girls engage in a 69 and sink their tongues into their wet pussies and ripe assholes, licking and masturbating each other until they cum at the same time! Looks like this one is a tie!

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