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20 Nov, 2012

Superman and Supergirl having hardcore sex

Superman and Supergirl are doing it! She strokes his cock of steel while he gropes her bubble tits and sinks his fingers into her dripping wet snatch! Still groping her meatballs he gets underneath her and eats out her slit and she returns the favor with a fabulous super blowjob! He fucks her from behind and she masturbates for him while guzzling his erection until Superman blows a super load of hot cum all over her slutty face!

10 Aug, 2012

Modesty Blaise getting anal sex from Mon-El

Mon-El and Modesty Blaise are ready to get kinky; she pulls down her tight latex leggings and welcomes that hard cock into her dripping wet pussy! He straddles her on top of his erection and shoves a pair of digits into her asshole while pumping her pussy, then he bends her over and fucks her asshole! She has never had her asshole penetrated before and she loves the feeling, she never wants this to stop!

5 Jul, 2012

Power Girl gets her asshole and mouth filled with cum by Superman

Power Girl is bored and just flying around Metropolis when she stumbles upon a don-on-his-luck Superman. Lois Lane does not want to give him her anal cherry and this has the Man of Steel feeling down and out! This turns Power Girl on so much, she has always fantasized with giving her ass to Superman and now she can do it, and before Lois Lane! His super cock is huge but little by little it makes its way deep into her tight asshole. He cums pretty fast inside her asshole, but his dick is still hard as a rock so he keeps fucking her! He removes his dick from her gaping asshole and it is oozing cum as Superman requests a blowjob and Power Girl gets to taste her asshole on his dick! He blows a massive load in her mouth this time; will he do her pussy next?

14 Apr, 2012

Kal-L anal fucks Powergirl in a cemetery!

Kal-L has a huge boner and Powergirl is the only one powerful enough to deal with it! The cemetery is a bizarre place to fuck but it turns her on, kneeling down and getting throat fucked by the powerful super man! He bends her over and fucks her asshole, jack-hammering her mercilessly. Saliva runs uncontrollably down her chin as her big tits rub against the soil and Kal-L pounds her anally, cumming so hard all over her body he leaves her coated in super semen!

14 Jan, 2012

Superman and Supergirl having hot sex with two naughty heroines!

Superman and Supergirl use their super powers to separate a pair of hot and sexy heroines and they take them to a quiet place so they can fuck them! The girls wake up and are delighted to see that they are in super company! Superman enjoys getting his dick of steel sucked and dominates one of the sexy girls while watching Supergirl go full lesbian on the other babe! Superman makes his lover faint from so much pleasure after fucking her ass, getting his dick sucked again and blowing a super powerful cumshot all over her face!

22 Oct, 2011

Superman blows a super hero sized load all over Lara Croft!

Lara Croft is just about to make one of her best discoveries yet, the huge, steel cock of Superman! He bends her overt on the floor, slamming his marvelous cock deep into her wet cunt and groping her juicy boobs. Lara has never felt anything so big or so hard inside her wet holes and she loves it! Getting fucked by the Man of Steel is out of this world! Superman fucks her doggy style and blows a super hero sized load all over her tits and sweaty body!

28 Sep, 2011

Superman makes Supergirl spray his cum from her mouth after fucking her!

Superman and Supergirl may be distant cousins, but that will not stop them from having naughty sex together! She is checking out the huge bulge underneath his undies, popping out his huge cock! It is so big and long, she can slide it underneath her and feel it rubbing hard against the crack of her ass while she sites on that powerful erection! She lifts her top up to expose her big tits with super puffy nipples and straddles herself on top of Superman, feeling his super dick sliding deep inside her tight cunt! Superman fucks her so hard from behind that when he blows his load, the creamy sperm travels all the way up her intestines and stomach, up her throat and sprays off from her open mouth!

10 Sep, 2011

Wonder Woman and Superman enjoy a hardcore countryside fuck together!

What is going on with Superman and Wonder Woman? They seem to be estranged, but maybe this trip to the countryside can reignite their sexual flame! Superman cannot remember the last time he sank his tongue deep inside her tight gash and ate her out, and Wonder Woman is more than ready to bend over and spread her long Amazonian legs for him! He strips her nude and rams his dick up her pussy from behind; it is so big and hard, harder than any known substance on Earth! He fucks her in doggy position, clenching her tight buttocks and gives it to her real hard, as only Superman can! Wonder Woman grabs on to a tree and keeps taking a super powered banging that leaves her legs buckling and shaking after the Man of Steel blows his creamy load all over her!

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