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5 Dec, 2015

Robin and Terra escape to the roof for nighttime lovemaking

Terra is a blonde hottie with an amazing body. Robin has long had a crush on her and tonight they're going to consummate their percolating love. He brings her up to the roof and gropes her lovely tits, whispering in her ear that she should suck his dick. The picture gallery shows her sucking him off with passion and then he lifts her up and slides his cock into her slippery pussy. This girl appreciates a hot fuck and Robin has the big dick to bring her the pleasure she needs.

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11 Aug, 2015

The Teen Titans are having sex on the plane

The Teen Titans use a plane to travel around the world. It makes getting places much easier and they're always in demand so they want to be able to travel quickly. A private plane also gives them the opportunity to fuck and suck whenever they want and if you know the Teen Titans you know that they have insatiable sexual desires. The primary fun in this comic involves Terra, Robin and Beast Boy. They have a threesome that's worth writing home about. Aqualad also gets a hellacious blowjob.

10 Aug, 2015

Terra and Raven having hot lesbian sex

Terra just found out that Raven is sending everybody out on missions just so she can stay at Titan Towers all alone with Robin and fuck his brains out! Terra is mad jealous and ready to get even with the weird ass goth girl and teach her a lesson. Raven manages to turn the tables on her, and soon Terra finds herself down on her knees and eating out the wet pussy on Raven. She sticks a dildo up her asshole and keeps eating her pie, now she understands why Robin would want to fuck her, she is so nasty and hot!

25 Dec, 2012

Beast Boy and Terra from Teen Titans having sex

Beast Boy has a naughty finger dildo and Terra wants to try it out, Teen Titans are always hot and bothered! Beast Boy bends her over and feeds her hungry pussy and ass with his Beast Cock! Terra straddles herself atop his erection and shoves it as deep into her pussy as the big green meat pole will go! They form a 69 so he can eat her snatch and ass while she sucks his dick and balls! After giving him head, Terra receives a creamy facial cumshot that leaves her face covered in semen!

5 Oct, 2012

Raven and Terra have lesbian sex with lots of toys

There is just one bed and two Teen Titans and one way to settle this, with a wild catfight! It is Raven versus Terra and it is on! Luckily this fight never comes to being; instead both girls whip out their favorite sex toys, dildos, dongs, anal beads and vibrators so they can share this bed and have lots of hot and kinky Teen Titan Lesbian Loving! Turns out that bed was big enough for both of them!

25 Jul, 2012

Beast Boy gets naughty with Starfire and Terra

Beast Boy from the Teen Titans is ready to have naughty fun with his girlfriends, Starfire and Terra! The girls crawl in between his legs and suck his big green cock and he takes turns eating them out and banging them on the couch. He loves banging both girls and watching them play among themselves with their many sex toys! At the end he blows his load and showers the girls with his creamy cum!

25 Feb, 2012

Terra having hot outdoors sex with Beast Boy!

Terra can feel the earth moving underneath her feet every time she catches a glimpse of that huge green erection on her lover Beast Boy. He sees her nipples are hard and showing through her outfit, he spreads her legs and goes down on her! Her outfit gets ripped at the crotch and she feels that green rod pumping her pussy and then her tight ass! Beast Boy fucks her from behind against a stone slab and blows his load all over her sexy face!

20 Jul, 2011

Bumblebee and Terra enjoy lesbian bondage fun

Bumblebee surprises Terra when she brings some rope into the bedroom and ties her up, ready to turn her into her bondage slave. Terra is quickly subdued; having her body restrained turns her on and makes her pussy drip wet and the nipples on her big titties get hard and perky. Bumblebee takes her time tying her up real good, making sure she cannot break loose and then spreads her legs so Terra can eat out her ebony snatch. It is okay, Bumblebee does not leave her hanging for long and pretty soon both naughty Teen Titans are tied up in a very kinky and sensual lesbian 69!

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