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8 Dec, 2015

Raven and Harley fighting with dildos

The beautiful and the sexy Harley are locked in a mortal struggle over a dildo. Both girls want to use it and neither wants to give it up. What they don't realize, at least at first, is that it's a double ended dong and it can pleasure both of them at the same time. Eventually they give in to this realization and a beautiful lesbian scene blossoms. There's pussy eating to warm them up and then the girls each take one end of the dong and fuck themselves. It's pleasurable penetration for us and them.

1 May, 2015

Take a look at Joker`s personal porn collection!

The Joker is a lucky guy; he gets to fuck some of the hottest babes in Gotham! Apart from his usual fuck buddy Harley Quinn, he%u2019s had affairs with knock out babes such as Catwoman and Batgirl, just to name a few! Best thing is, he took many pictures while having kinky sex with them! He keeps them to masturbate in lonely nights in prison, and sends them to Batman to make him jealous! %u201CLook who fucked Catwoman and stuffed his cock in Batgirl%u2019s mouth, Bat-dufus!%u201D

1 Sep, 2012

Get busy with Harley Quinn with this Wallpaper!

Availiable in next resolutions

15 Jun, 2012

Catfight turns into hot lesbian sex for Batgirl and Harley Quinn

Batgirl is on her way to pay Batman a kinky sexual visit, but it will not happen if Harley Quinn gets her way! She wants to have Batman all to herself and both girls engage in a fantastic catfight in which their outfits are ripped to shreds, leaving both girls totally naked and sweaty as they fight for the chance to get laid with the Dark Knight! Soon both girls discover they do not have to fight and they can have lots of kinky lesbian fun together!

5 May, 2012

Harley and Ivy ambush Batman into having sex with them

Harley and Poison Ivy ambush Batman so they can drag him to their party! He has come to arrest him but they want to fuck with him and they use Robin as leverage! Batman begins by fucking Ivy while Harley watches and spreads her legs so she can eat out her wet snatch. After blowing his load inside her pussy, Batman is ready to get his hard cock sucked by Harley, making the Dark Knight blow another massive load, this time all over both naughty girls!

14 Mar, 2012

Harley Quinn and Batgirl in water bondage session!

Harley Quinn and Batgirl are into some pretty kinky stuff, like water bondage! Harley has Batgirl totally hogtied and pulls her up by her golden locks, strapping her to a metal examination table. She makes her suck on a huge dildo while a powerful stream of high pressure water hoses down her pussy and then she is hit from every angle by several streams. Batgirl is totally turned on by this and wishes this water bondage session never ends! Harley eats her dripping cunt out while Batgirl is tormented by the mechanical dildo and the water streams, ending up drained and exhausted but utterly satisfied!

30 Nov, 2011

Captain America and Harley Quinn fucking inside a plastic cube!

Harley Quinn and Captain America are both trapped in a plastic cube, but that does not stop him from giving her an intense round of hardcore anal sex! Harley enjoys being restrained in the tight confines of the cube, with his huge cock drilling every hole in her tight body. She brought along a big dildo, just in case, but with the Captain and his huge cock, she does not need much more. Her big tits burst off her outfit and it is ripped at the crotch, exposing her cunt and ass. They get into a 69, with Captain America fucking her asshole with the dildo and licking her cunt while she sucks his huge dick!

9 Nov, 2011

Joker and Harley pull of an amazing erotic magic trick!

The Joker has a new trick up his sleeve and Harley Quinn is more than willing to play the part of assistant! He places her in a magic box and cuts her in two with a chain saw! As the box (and Harley) get split in two, several helpers with hard cocks arrive, sticking their dicks in the wet pussy and voracious mouth of the now split Harley! The crowd is going wild and horny as Harley's upper part gets placed on top of her bottom, so she can see her own pussy and ass up close and it gets banged by the helpers! After an incredible act of triple penetration, the helpers cum hard all over Harley's two halves! Joker puts the boxes back together and Harley walks out in one piece!

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