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8 Dec, 2015

Raven and Harley fighting with dildos

The beautiful and the sexy Harley are locked in a mortal struggle over a dildo. Both girls want to use it and neither wants to give it up. What they don't realize, at least at first, is that it's a double ended dong and it can pleasure both of them at the same time. Eventually they give in to this realization and a beautiful lesbian scene blossoms. There's pussy eating to warm them up and then the girls each take one end of the dong and fuck themselves. It's pleasurable penetration for us and them.

7 Dec, 2015

Raven and Robin having kinky sex while the Teen Titans are out!

Starfire is out on a mission with the rest of the Teen Titans, but they do not know they have been sent on a red herring by Robin, so he can stay alone with Raven and fuck her brains out! He puts her down on all fours and fucks her from behind, but Raven also enjoys riding on top like a cowgirl! She sucks his dick and Robin puts her in a pile driver hold so he can eat out her snatch while she gives him head! Totally turned on, Robin showers Raven with cum, soaking her ass and pussy as she masturbates herself to an orgasm! They better clean up before the rest of the team comes back!

29 Oct, 2015

Raven and Batgirl have hot lesbian sex

In order to be a super hero you have to train really hard. That%u2019s why Raven and Batgirl are competing to see who the better warrior is. It%u2019s a battle of wits, power and sexiness! The girls rip apart their clothes as they fight, but they are getting so turned on, they just have to stop fighting and have some hot lesbian action! The girls kiss and touch while their pussies begin to drip with desire. Raven has a dildo and uses it to fuck Batgirl, who is glad to return the favor.

18 Aug, 2015

Teen Titans rescue an old lady's bag of dildos

A purse snatcher grabs an old lady's bag and runs away with it. The Teen Titans are there to stop him and they happen to look inside the bag and see that it's filled with dildos of all shapes, sizes and colors. Cyborg is stunned at what he sees and the old lady couldn't be happier. The discovery of the dildos leads to a hardcore sex scene right there in the alley, with the old lady fucking herself with one of her many toys and then taking on Beast Boy and Robin in a naughty scene. Starfire and Raven show up later to add a little lesbian flavor to the comic.

10 Aug, 2015

Terra and Raven having hot lesbian sex

Terra just found out that Raven is sending everybody out on missions just so she can stay at Titan Towers all alone with Robin and fuck his brains out! Terra is mad jealous and ready to get even with the weird ass goth girl and teach her a lesson. Raven manages to turn the tables on her, and soon Terra finds herself down on her knees and eating out the wet pussy on Raven. She sticks a dildo up her asshole and keeps eating her pie, now she understands why Robin would want to fuck her, she is so nasty and hot!

24 May, 2015

Teen Titans and Winx Girls have another sex orgy!

Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans had such a blast the last time they invited the Winx girls over, that they have decided to have another gathering! Before the girls arrive, however, Robin calls Starfire and Nova and gives them an ultimatum: %u201CI know you are both horny sluts that love cock and pussy, so you better join the party or leave the group!%u201D The girl%u2019s pussies get wet when Robin talks to them like that, and they agree to serve as the night%u2019s sexual slaves, and please both Titans and Winx Girls alike!

1 May, 2015

Raven and Starfire have big cocks! So damn hot!

This cartoon is hot! Too hot! Motherfucking hot! Starfire has a shocking confession for Raven: she has grown a huge hard cock! She looks so fucking hot with it! Starfire thinks it%u2019s horrible, but Raven proves to her it is beautiful as she sucks down on it! She always wished Starfire has a hot cock to fuck her pussy with it! Starfire gets into the mood and they make out like college girls! But there are more surprises on the way: Raven has a hard cock too! Did the guys on the team have any idea of this?

1 May, 2015

Raven challenges Starfire to a spanking contest!

The Teen Titans seem to be on a bad roll lately! They keep losing the fights and getting beat up by the enemies! Robin better put them in shape fast! There seems to be a lot of animosity, especially between Starfire and Raven! Do you smell a catfight? I sure do! A spanking contest! This is fucking hot! Raven is spanking Starfire so hard, she%u2019s leaving red welts in her ass! But then it%u2019s Starfire%u2019s turn, and the alien bitch goes BDSM on Raven%u2019s hot ass, turning it fire red! Who do you think won?

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